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Beautiful Jewellery Display Showcases

Item No.: DY1085
Material: Wooden + Glass + Led Lights + Locks
Color : Light Gray
Logo:  OEM
MOQ: 10 pcs
Design: Free
Lead Time: 18 Days
Ready Assemble For ships


Structure Description
1. Constructed Of Wooden With Bright Gray Finished; 
2. Sturdy And Sophisticated Look.
3. 8MM/10MM super white tempered glass 
4. 4 PCS led lights installed,with low power consumption lights
5. Output Voltage 12 V For each jewellery display showcases
6. With locks 
7. Ships fully assembled for immediate use 
More Details Showing

Model: Jewelry Display Showcase is easier to clean up. The general exhibition cabinet warranty period is 3 to 5 years, because to a certain time need to change the new image to enhance the brand and store image. 
First of all, the style of
jewellery shop counter showcase should be unified, because the decoration style of each brand is different, corporate culture will also be different, so we should consider the whole space and decoration when customizing the Jewellery Display Showcases. On the integrity of the Jewellery Display Showcases, do not need too many non-practical counters, because the Jewelry Display Showcase is not fast-selling, choose suitable for their own. 
If you need to customize the boutique
jewellery shop counter showcase, you can first consult some professional exhibitors, they will also give you a lot of correct advice, before the production, the designer will carry out the shop layout, Jewellery Display Showcases should not be too much, It is convenient to leave space for customers and shop assistants to move around. It is also convenient to adjust the space for a long time to avoid aesthetic fatigue and to make the whole space lack of vitality.

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