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What Should Be Noted For Good Jewelry Showcases Lighting

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In jewelry stores, jewelry showcase occupy a very important position in jewelry display. How can jewelry attract consumers’ attention? How can the characteristics of jewelry be displayed to generate purchase transactions? All jewelry displays are inseparable from lighting. Only lighting can fully display the personality of jewelry and attract consumers’ attention. Therefore, lighting plays a pivotal role in display. The following points should be note for professional jewelry display cases lighting:

1. No leakage and no electric shock.

When consumers choose jewelry, they are almost in zero-distance contact with the jewelry showcases. The lighting fixtures we need to install in the jewellery showcases will not leak electricity, and human electric shock will occur. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the life safety of consumers. Without considering safety, everything is nonsense.

2. Lighting effect of jewelry showcase

How to show the personality of the jewelry? How to attract consumers’ attention? This is the embodiment of the quality of custom made jewelry showcase lighting. DINGYANG tailors intelligent lighting systems for your jewelry, which can adjust different color temperatures and brightness according to different jewelry to ensure that your jewelry is perfectly displayed.

3. Energy-saving performance.

Saving electricity means saving costs. Commercial displays are basically lit for more than 10 hours a day, so saving electricity is something that merchants must consider. DINGYANG uses low-energy LED lights, which are not only energy-saving, but also generate less heat, and can effectively maintain the stability of the internal environment of the jewelry display showcase, thereby protecting the jewelry.

4. The aesthetics of the jewelry showcase and lamps

The overall and aesthetics of the jewelry display case and the display of jewelry are very important. The harmony of the entire jewelry showcase should be keep when install lighting system in the jewelry display cases.

5. Easy installation

The lamps installed in the jewelry showcase must be easy to install, whether for initial installation or later maintenance, to save labor costs.

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