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Why High End Jewelry Display Case Adopts Ultra-clear Tempered Glass?

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When we produce High End Jewelry Display Case, glass is indispensable. Nowadays, there are many types of glass on the market. Why Jewelry Glass Display Case adopts ultra-clear tempered glass? What is the difference between ultra-clear glass and ordinary glass?

Superior performance of ultra-clear glass

First of all, let’s talk about the most obvious difference between the two. Ultra-clear glass is much higher definition than ordinary glass. The core function of the High End Jewelry Display Case is to display jewelry. It is the primary condition for jewelry sales to show jewelry clearly in front of customers. Secondly, the iron content in ultra-clear glass is at the most 10% of ordinary glass. The visual effect is almost transparent, with appearance characteristics similar to colorless crystal. It also absorbs less green bands in visible light, ensuring the consistency of glass color. Finally, ordinary glass has a relatively high UV transmittance. Simply put, ordinary glass is not UV-proof, while ultra-clear glass can. The use of ultra-clear glass in Jewelry Showcase Display also makes the showcases itself more quality.

The price of ultra-clear glass

Ultra-clear glass is very complicated in production process. In comparison, the production of ordinary glass is much simpler. Therefore, in terms of price, ultra-clear glass is about 2~3 times more expensive than ordinary glass, mainly because of labor and production technology.

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About ultra-clear hot-bent tempered glass

The High End Jewelry Display Case industry conforms to the trend of the times. The widespread application of hot-bent glass reflects the improvement of people’s aesthetics and the progress of production technology. The arc always gives people an elegant visual experience. The curved jewelry display showcase has advantages that cannot be replaced by straight showcases in terms of appearance and space layout, but the difficulty of making curved glass is also higher. Tempered glass usually can not be hot-bent. Generally, flat glass is hot-bent and tempered at the same time. The hot bending process is to heat and soften the flat glass in the mold, and then anneal it to form curved glass.

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